Keeping Safe When Using, Storing, And Disposing Of Pesticides

11 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you are dealing with an insect problem inside of your home, and you decided to take matters in your own hands with the administering of pesticides to eradicate the problem, safety is sure to be a concern. Since many pesticides are deemed as hazardous waste, precautions need to be taken when using them. Here are some tips you can use to aid in keeping yourself and those in your household safe when pesticides need to be used.

Keep Safe When Using Hazardous Products

Before you use a pesticide in your home, read the label on the packaging in its entirety. This will warn you about the extent of the strength of the product so you can be prepared for any possible mishaps. Be sure to follow directions exactly and heed any warnings listed. Wear appropriate clothing when using pesticides to help keep your skin away from harsh chemicals. Goggles and a respirator may also be beneficial in some cases. 

Store Pesticides With Safety In Mind

If you have product remaining after you take care of your pest problem, you are likely to want to store it in case it is needed again in the future. Keep pesticides in a spot where they are not as likely to fall into the hands of young children or be eaten by pets. Keeping them on a top shelf in a garage or shed is best. Be sure to store the agent inside of the original packaging so it is not mistaken for another substance. Check that a pesticide container has a lid that is tightly sealed or secure an open bag by folding down the lip and clasping it shut with a clothespin or a similar clip.

Dispose Of Remnants In The Proper Manner

Do not throw pesticide containers or extra product in your household trash. This could cause harm to people who pick up your garbage as well as wildlife. Any pesticide that spills onto the ground could also cause harm to the land and plants in that area. Instead, call a local waste removal business to find out how to properly dispose of hazardous waste in your area. Some waste removal companies will have pickup service available, saving you the trouble in transporting materials to a facility on your own.

If you cannot find a garbage service that provides this benefit, a trip to a hazardous waste collection facility will be necessary. Be sure to package the contents appropriately before heading out to this service. Keep the pesticides in an area of your vehicle where they will not pose a threat to people if they spill.

Companies like TransChem Environmental service businesses and commercial enterprises, so if you're dealing with hazardous or toxic waste at a place of business, make sure you hire a company to handle the waste for you.