How Environmental Consultants Help Develop Waterfront Property

21 July 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

What extra precautions should your business take when building near a body of water? Whether your future property sits along a quaint lake or scenic beach, special considerations must be made. The beauty and utility of waterfront properties are balanced by the unique challenges of developing them. Thankfully, you aren't alone in this process. Here are four ways environmental consultants can make this process easy and avoid expensive errors. 

Complying with Regulations

Construction near any marine ecosystem requires extra care to preserve the environment. These biomes are almost always protected by local or federal regulations. Meeting every requirement can be confusing and, if done incorrectly, your project might face months of delays. That's why it's essential to get things right before breaking ground. 

Environmental consultants specialize in this area of law. Where others might struggle to navigate various codes, experienced environmental consultants know what paperwork to file on schedule. When possible, they inspect land prior to purchase to determine its suitability. Furthermore, a consultant can recommend special building changes to minimize hazardous runoff and waste pollution. 

Planning With the Environment in Mind

While some environmental planning is meant to protect wildlife, other considerations protect your building itself. Water is one of the most powerful forces in the world, particularly ocean waves. Flowing water gradually eats away at even the strongest of materials, and salty sea air rapidly corrodes metals. A consultant will help you choose the longest-lasting materials, coatings, and equipment for your specific location.

Preventing Costly Cleanups

When faced with a maze of regulations, it may be tempting to turn a blind eye and cut a few corners. Unfortunately, this almost always leads to bigger problems down the road. Your business might, for example, get caught exceeding pollution limits. When this happens, your company could be held liable for damages and cleanup costs. In other cases, businesses may be forced to make expensive retrofits to their existing infrastructure. 

Far better, then, to simply get it right the first time. Not only will you rest easy knowing your business is compliant, but you'll also avoid unknown damage to local flora and fauna. Part of running a successful business means respecting the natural world affected by it. 

Securing Work Permits

Finally, many waterfront businesses require special infrastructure to function. These might include docks, balconies, pipelines, and ventilation systems. Wherever underwater construction is needed, specially trained builders are often also mandatory. Environmental consultants should be familiar with the local market to make recommendations.  As you begin this next exciting phase of your business, don't get snagged up in red tape and fines. Contact your nearby environmental consultants to make building a waterfront property a breeze. 

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