Dumpster Questions To Ask

2 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Clearing out a relative's home or your own cluttered house is a big responsibility. Renting a dumpster is likely to create a feeling of relief because you'll just dump everything into the container and get on with other tasks. However, to avoid trouble, it's smart to ask these questions before the dumpster is delivered to the site:

Do I Need to Tell Anyone the Dumpster is Coming?

You might think your dumpster isn't anyone else's business. The truth is that there could be many people that need to be notified in order for everything to move along smoothly. For starters, you're going to have to alert the municipal authorities, particularly the office that grants permits. You might require documentation that allows you to have the dumpster on the street.

You should also discuss the dumpster with neighbors in the houses nearby; a dumpster delivery can make quite a bit of noise and it's kind to prepare them for it. If you'll need to have space on the street for the container, talking to neighbors will help keep the area clear. If you can't find time to talk things over face to face, consider writing a short note and inserting it into their mailboxes.

How Much Can I Put in the Dumpster?

In your excitement, as you dump items that aren't used any longer, you may find that the dumpster is filled all the way to the very top. This may not bother you, but you should know that many rental companies dictate that items should not be stacked beyond a certain height. That's because they need to ensure that the driver can return to the company site without dropping anything or causing hazards for vehicles on the streets. Know beforehand how much you're able to deposit into the dumpster; consider using a larger dumpster than you imagine you'll need.

Can All the Items on The Property Go in There?

Wanting to dump everything on the property so it can be taken away and out of sight is not an unusual inclination. However, the rental company might actually have some restrictions and guidelines about what they'll accept. Ignoring those rules could mean higher fees, so ask for a list of forbidden things. They could be things like:

  • Vehicle tires
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Propane Tanks

Ask now so you can make other plans for prohibited things.

With these questions, your rental experience can be fantastic. Discuss the contents of the house and property with rental company staff for more ideas. Check out a website like http://www.tri-statedisposal.com/ for more information and assistance.