What To Expect During A Radon Test At Your Place Of Business

6 July 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

When you think about potential threats and safety hazards at your place of business, you will probably think of things like avoiding slip and fall injuries and even how to deter the threat of a fire. However, there is one invisible threat that can be incredibly dangerous to you and your staff and that is radon. If you live in an area where radon gas is known to be a problem in the structures, there is a pretty high likelihood that you will eventually need to have radon testing performed. If you are a business owner who is facing a radon test for the first time, you are bound to have a few questions. 

How is the radon test actually performed?

Radon testing is performed with a series of different tools that are designed to measure radon gas in an enclosed area. There are two basic types of devices that can measure levels of radon gas in the building: active and passive. Active testing equipment usually relies on electricity to monitor radon levels, while passive testing equipment does not. Your chosen radon testing contractor will likely use a combination of both to get the most accurate test results. 

Does the radon test take very long to complete?

This will tend to depend on the overall size of your building. If your business building is multiple stories in height or covers a lot of floor space, the radon test will naturally take a while longer to complete. If you have a simple office space or small business building, you should not expect the radon test by the contractor to take very long to complete at all. 

What happens when the test is over? 

Once the specialist has finished the radon test in your place of business, they will likely give you a verbal rundown of some of the results they have found during the test with the active testing equipment used. However, not all test results will be ready right away because computer analysis and the use of passive testing, which is done over time, will give a more in-depth look at radon levels and their threat in certain areas of the building. Therefore, while you may indeed find out of there is a radon problem in the building, you may not know the full implications until a bit later when all testing analysis is complete.    

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